Money Ruins Everything

It really does.

I look back fondly to a time before I tried to make money from blogging. From a hobby. That’s what this platform was originally intended for, and that’s how I intend to keep it from now on.

I just got so jaded with publishing perfect pieces and trying to advertise things that people would want to buy, and I ended up really tainting my writing through trying to make a profit from it instead of just doing it to feel good, as my site is named. It’s not Blog-to-money, after all.

And because of that strain of editing my work to perfection or adding images and links and videos to get people to care, I lost all interest in creating. I didn’t even want to think about my blog because I knew I’d just get discouraged that I hadn’t reached my “goal” of earning a profit yet and wasn’t gaining followers and views fast enough.

I was looking so hard for ways to make other people care that I stopped caring about my writing myself. After a while, I couldn’t even bring myself to write about anything because I didn’t enjoy it anymore…

I’m here to write about my thoughts. To admit I’m confused or lost or just upset with my life at the moment. It’s my journal in a way, and I ruined it in the past with greed. You can’t make money off a journal.

Every time I hadn’t posted something in a while, I felt pressured by myself to apologizeΒ for not keeping to a rigid schedule. Looking back at my work, I’ve come to notice that a good majority of my posts are just about “Coming Back”, “New and Improved”, and all that. Just writing about how I’ve been struggling but on how I plan to pick up the slack in the fiture. If someoneΒ  were to ask what I blogged about, and I gave them an honest answer, I’d say I’m a struggle-blogger. That’s what I write about. Just being shitty at things and wanting to do better.

Well I think “doing better” is rejecting the idea of making money for once. Who needs it anyways…

Today, for the first time in months, I actually had a desire to write something for the world to see. Just something simple and concise. I believe that simply doung something rather than nothing is a success of its own.

And it isn’t about the damn VIEWS!

Not anymore πŸ™‚


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