As I was gathering things for my shower this morning, I noticed a tiny little creature crawling along the tub’s edge.

The momentΒ I recognized it as an ant, I said to myself: ” What is that ant?”

What is that ant?

Well, it’s a reason to be unsatisfied with the amount of filth in this bathroom. The combined scent of everything I’ve neglected has drawn this pest from beneath the tiles. It also means that this apartment must be poorly sealed to allow insects to squirm their way through the cracks and towards the odors of this place. Also, how in the hell are there ants visible at this time of year??

And before any of these automated responses left the confines of my head and formed into cynical outbursts, I heard a small voice reply:

it’s a sign of life

And that kind of positivity was all I needed to spark some motivation for me to make a second video.

It’s a sign of something. Moving. Working. Creating. It finds more purpose in its duty than I do. This ant is going to continue with its work indefinitely. And what am I going to do…?

I’m going to do something. And here is that something.

My last video: Here We Go!

Till next time…



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