Here We Go!

Well, I did it. I finally uploaded something.


I’m doing the video thing! Writing out full-length, researched, and edited blog posts has lost its appeal to me for the time being. So I’m going to try this out.

The first segment of this journey is going to be spent going back to old posts on here and talking about more material there of what I wanted to say.

The intent of this video was to focus on the post “Worth”, but there wasn’t much to say about that one and I had some introductory things to focus on getting out.

I’m ready to start something new, even if I’m making shit at first. I enjoy playing back the final cut of videos I’ve made, if just to laugh at myself. And I’m completely fine if that’s all that comes of this. My goal is to find something to do that makes me happier and fills up theΒ massive chasm of my freeΒ time I have when I’m not working my part-time jobs.

I’m not super proud of my work so far because there’s a lot I still want to figure out how to do better, but I am going to work on being satisfied with “imperfect”. As a human, I’m prone to that.

I AM NOT PAID OR SPONSORED by anything or influenced by money in any way when I speak my mind in my videos. My approach is to be as raw and unfiltered as possible.

The editing software I’m using is free, and I already owned the camera and laptop. Bare basics. It’s not pretty, but it’s a start, and that’s where every great thing was at one point.Β  I’m on my way to greatness. Hopefully…


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