A New Mission

I’m changing things up around here! I’ve decided to focus my blog and try to follow a general theme now for the majority of my writing on here. I’m not sure how long that while will last, but I want to stick with it for a while. This is a fresh start at how this blog operates.

The reason: Lately I’ve been going through some drastic changes in my personal life and experiencing a lot of personal growth. I’m just feeling happy again finally. For the first time in forever…

“It feels good to be running from the devil

Another breath and I’m up another level

It feels good to be up above the clouds

It feels good for the first time in a long time now” (High, Sir Sly)

            I took a look at my horoscope earlier this year out of curiosity, and it said that this year was going to be a year of more inner growth than outer growth. Now, I don’t know how much all of that talk about the stars really affects our lives, but it was interesting to check out. It also was aligned with the way my life has been because this year has been an incredible journey to self-discovery and of improving my living situation. With all of this change occurring in my life, I believe that it’s about time to get serious with my posts and focus my blog on a couple of topics of interest rather than wrote about every random thought that enters my mind. I have 3 or 4 things that I want to dedicate the majority of my focus to, but I may veer off the path every once in a while. I’ll outline them here just to outline some goals for myself.

  1. I want to document what I learn and experience on the path to healthy living.

This topic can encompass a lot of subtopics. I want to change up how I eat (while still managing my budget), how often I exercise, and other lifestyle choices that will be beneficial to my body and give me more energy to work with during my day. These posts would be about what my typical meal plan is in a day, or what my workouts look like, or the new product I’m trying out that helps me sleep or keeps me hydrated or lightens my skin – things like that.

2. I am going to learn how to start making my own beauty products.

Before I get started with this process, I want to test out some affordable natural skin care and then begin to develop my own formulas when I know what works for my specific skin needs. When I get into the creation process, I want to use raw ingredients that are easy to find around my house; I’m going to try to limit the amount I allow myself to spend on this project, especially while it’s still in its beginning stages and doesn’t have much output besides personal interest and improvement.

What I want to try out first are face scrubs and cleansers, masks, moisturizers, exfoliants, and acne treatments. Facial products will be the most beneficial and interesting stuff for me to learn about right now. I’ve made significant progress already with my skin’s condition and have gotten my blemishes down to a manageable level, but I want to continue to work at maintaining healthy-looking skin and improve its quality even further. When your skin is wonderfully healthy-looking, you can show it off without any heavy makeup. I want to get to the point where I’m alright with my appearance even if I don’t feel like my skin is “good enough”. I want to work on my confidence level and decrease how much I worry about the imperfections on my skin that no one notices. I want to accept my skin the way it is naturally and not care about using a mask to pretend I look flawless every minute of every day. I know it’s a pretty simple concept to just go without wearing makeup, but I’ve had a lot of psychological damage in terms of my self-esteem; I need to work on reversing the effects of insecurity I’ve felt so long that was largely due to my own self-deprecating mind.

And when I do wear makeup, I want to feel good about the products I’m using and be aware of the ingredients my skin is absorbing. My sensitive skin will react to strong chemicals, so I’m going to be searching for gentle vegan makeups that I can use comfortably. Then I’ll report what I experience in future posts. I know that I’ll experience many beneficial side-effects beyond just changing how my skin looks and feels.

3. I want to post about intriguing science discoveries.

I’ll be throwing in some posts about new discoveries and technological advances in the fields of biology, genetics, nutrition, and other scientific topics that interest me. I just finished an Associates of Science in Biology, so maybe I can actually put it to use somewhere; it sure doesn’t seem to have much use to me in the real world until I have more education to pair it with.

4. What I experience as I get used to city life.

I might include some “Day in the Life’ kind of posts that talk about my jobs and my adventures. These will often be in the rant format when I just need to untangle my thoughts from busy days.

So… ya. This is the new base of what I want to focus my attention on. It’s been difficult for me to dedicate my full time and energy towards anything that doesn’t guarantee a good grade or a paycheck. I’ve always been devoted to my school work and my job, but I’ve spent less effort on myself. Just improving my own happiness should be one of my main goals. I want to change up my old routines and dive into a process that I enjoy being a part of. It’s good to try new things, and I’ve just been so hesitant before now to push myself beyond my boundaries and step off the beaten path of what I’ve always done. I need to return my attention inward to what I really want to be doing and let go of the pressure to do well at school and advance in my career and all that. This next phase of my life will be shifting my focus away from impressing other people on how successful I seem and more towards appreciating myself and making sure that I really enjoy living my life.  With making my own products from raw ingredients and with getting more serious about my blog, I’ll be investing time into myself for once and not just forcing myself to do well for a high score. I think in our American society, we don’t realize the importance of just taking a break from the mad dash to earn money to consume things we don’t really need.  We need to realize that some things in life are slow processes that take a lot of effort to make work.

I cherish the progress I’ve made on my small little blog from its founding a few short months ago. I started out at the bottom with no knowledge of how this kind of thing works, and now… well, I guess I’m still pretty inexperienced. But I’d like to think that I’ve improved a little bit from when I started out and that I have a little more of an idea of what I want to do. My goal now is to be a bit more consistent with posting and just improve my work in general. I want to be proud of this thing one day. Here’s to trying harder to enjoy my life!

Till next time…




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