Come Dig With Me

Writing is a bit like digging… just hear me out on this.

When you put your pen to paper (or your fingers to the keys) and start writing, you begin to scratch the surface of the material your mind is made of. The longer you work at it, the deeper the hole gets, but in a good way. The utensil you use for mining depends on how concentrated and mentally sharp you are. At your most focused state, you’ve got that diamond pickax equipped, and you’re digging away at ridiculous speeds. God only knows what depths you’ll end up at with that glorious earth-devourer at your command. 

I already want to play Minecraft right now, don’t you? You can follow these links to get in on the action…

(See what I did there? 😉 )

For PC, PS4, or the cute little pocket edition

(Alright now, I actually didn’t try to relate this idea to the game when it first came to me, but it works really well, and makes more sense the longer I think about it).

First of all, when you write down what’s stirring around in the fog of your head, it’s like your digging into a chunk of earth. You begin to uncover what lies beneath your skin. You have this inaccessible piece of information that is stored away in your head where no one can see it, much like how the coal, iron, gold, lapis lazuli, emeralds, diamonds, redstone, and obsidian are found underground in the game where you can’t see them from the surface. You have to start a mine shaft to reach the true treasures. You have to start digging into your deep thoughts. Deep thoughts like this: 

“If you lie on the ground on your back, it’s like the world is your backpack and you’re carrying it through space”  

[-That certainly didn’t come from me]

Once you do start digging, you’ll uncover more and more of these fine and dandy resources. The further you dig with your pen, the deeper you go into the thoughts buried in your mind, and the more valuables you will find. There is an abundance of valuables in everyone’s mind. And you won’t access those mind diamonds by writing one sentence.

Also along the lines of relating therapy writing to mining, you end up connecting one area to another in both. There may be some long-lost tunnels and caverns that you forgot existed, which you link together by traveling through the space in the underground of your head and connecting ideas. 

Then at some point, you stumble across some precious ore that you previously didn’t know existed that was just buried in a wall or the floor of the tunnel, just there waiting to be discovered. You have to write and really delve into your consciousness to dig things up in your brain. Sometimes you can continue down the same path you had been making progress on if you can pick up a thread you had going. And other times you’ll need to restart from the topmost dirt blocks on the surface if you run into a dead end or haven’t mined in a while and forgot where all the goodies are. I feel like I’m digging away at a different surface now than when I started writing for myself. But I have some good tools to make progress with. I sure hope it helps me get further along on the path or self-discovery. 

Now reading books is when the ore gets put into the earth of your brain. It’s the time when ideas sink into your skull for you to find later. It’s like the program for creating the game, the part where all the parts of the map are drawn out. With this knowledge, you can begin to dig. Once you read and learn some great ideas, you are equipped to write about them.

Then comes the writing/digging.

This allows you to fill your inventory with ore of all types. The more you dig, and the more you write, the better you will be at identifying the areas you need to return to find the gems. You become a better writer as you practice it and learn how to pick up a good thread that will get you somewhere.

Then talking about and sharing your ideas is like smelting this ore and refining it into something useful. You make “bars” of the resources to make weapons and armor and tools out of to improve your standard of living. You can even make things for other people when you write in an influential way or help someone with your words.

Then living by your ideas is playing the entire game. And finding our purpose is defeating all the monsters and the dragon and all that (which I still have yet to do). You use what you learn to create a beautiful life for yourself. You need to be equipped for this life. You need to read, and you need to write about it and share your knowledge with the world through your lifestyle.

It’s a beautiful thing, this therapy writing. I hope to continue doing it for a very long time, as well as playing beautiful and creative games like Minecraft for a while. Writing cuts through the barriers in your mind that prevent you from finding your inner beauty. You need to allow your consciousness freedom to explore and inspect the troubled areas of your mind. There’s so much there, sometimes you just have to dig to find it. Till next time…








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