I Need to get Myself Together

I’ve been distracted lately. Inside my mind as well as out of it. I’ve been playing hooky, disregarding my responsibilities for far too long. Many bright and shiny things have caught my attention and I was whisked away into Imagination Land. And my days have been spent frivolously and I have achieved very little of significance.

But there comes a time in everyone’s mind when the little minions that run your brain’s machines start to wake up and get productive. I’ve been hibernating and ignoring my life, and it’ far past time for me to stretch my unused muscles again and get to work. How long can you spend your life lounging about and taking free handouts… Well my time for that way of life is over. My minions with a strong work ethic are pushing the lazy ones out of the spotlight, and it’s finally time to instruct them to make something.

It’s time to take my life into my own hands, and that is only possible by putting in the hours. This empire will not build itself. I can slightly glimpse a dark future for my life where I end up at the bottom of some hole with nothing to my name, muttering to myself and pacing about aimlessly. I’ve seen it before and I will not become that. It feels like I woke up just in time to save myself from ruin. I still need to graduate, eventually get a job after that, find a place of my own, possibly even get a fish or two…

This next stage of my life will not be easy. I’m preparing myself by putting on some heavy duty boots and gloves. Grab the hammer and nails and put all the useless pieces of my life together into something. I need to build up my life so I have somewhere to rest when I can’t build anymore. I want to live lavishly in a castle by the beach when I’m old. Not a sand castle with no strength, but an empire of solid diamond. If not a physical castle, at least a strong structure in my head that I’ve built for myself, knowing I finished a masterpiece. I want to construct such a wonder that people will come from far and wide just to gape at its splendor. I want to work my ass off creating my amazing life. It’s time to struggle.

This is only possible to achieve if I grab some grit and get on with it already. Updates to come on how the next stage of my life journey unfolds. The stage of my life where I finally become myself. This concept is exciting and terrifying…


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