Back with a BOOM and a BANG


Hey y’all, I’ve been on spring break this past week, so I haven’t been around. Monday (3/27) I drove almost 700 miles to the coast. To be somewhere where I could just feel the sun on my skin. Jump in the ocean and play with the waves. Take a nap on the beach. Roast some weenies over a campfire in the desert. I didn’t realize how good it would feel to escape the dark weather of the winter back home until I escaped it for a while. And now I’m back with a boom and a bang!

And now that I’ve had my escape, I feel recharged. I’ve been so dispirited and cooped up with this isolation to my house because of all the recent storms and flooding where I live. It’s affected me in a way that weather and the changing of the seasons have never been able to before this year. And that scares me in a way. How is it that the natural ebb and flow of nature has such an influence over my mind? And in a negative way. My long-term goal is to find a way to accept the course of the earth around the sun. And everything else I can’t alter or control about the world. Then to follow that goal up, I need to just continuously improve my outlook on each of the changes in my life, and therefore better myself by using every new opportunity I  get as well as I can. The seasons should not affect me so. But they do.

And now that I’m here enjoying the sun and beauty all around me, sand in my cracks and sunburn on my peeling nose, my soul has found restoration. I feel more awake, more alive. Like the corners of my essence are being pushed outwards to take up more space for my insides to live, as my cup is filled and pours over. I am being filled by the life that skips and bounds through the air around me. This abundant energy invites me to join in its play, and I am starting to learn the steps. The steps that I take towards overall euphoria with my existence. The capacity of joy and contentedness is increasing in my body. The harmony is diffusing through by being into the parts with lower concentrations of it.

All it takes is an escape from the mundane existence you’re living. Whether it be adverse weather, a static job or school situation, a dying relationship: just find some way to escape it for a while. See something else beyond your sphere. Unwind by basking in the sunlight and do nothing but watch the waves break upon the shore. Travel somewhere with stunning beauty, and discover a new state of mind.

I feel now that I can carry this abundance of life and energy back into my real life, where it’s been extremely void of excitement. Without the stimulus to trigger your body and mind into action, you slow down. Your muscles and wits fade away from lack of use. It is extremely difficult to raise oneself up from the mud of life. You’ve got to get up out of it a and be clean of the filth of stresses on your life for a while to move on and improve yourself.

How do you improve yourself? How do you become a great individual? And where do you find the inspiration to get yourself there? How do we create extraordinary people in this society? The impatient and self-obsessed society we live in today, that dominates America at least. Whatever the answer, you likely won’t find your higher purpose by sitting at home on your couch every day.

So how do we allow people to find the paths that will lead them to personal excellence? Show them the guiding light to a fruitful life. One where they are overflowing with joy and love. Get them to leave the comfort and safety of home. What is the incentive to be uncomfortable for a while, and go without your usual comforts to hunt down an adventure?

I feel that the times when I most want to be excellent is when I feel good about myself and want that feeling to expand and grow. When a person is loved, they want to be the very best they can be. If not for personal satisfaction, then for the satisfaction of getting some kind of approval and recognition. To belong. Which isn’t all that bad of a motive. I’ve been trapped within the cage of insecurity for a while now. But I feel that cage door creaking open slowly and a beckoning voice drawing me outward. Into the light where I can fully see myself as I should be. And in the place where I begin to love myself again. All it takes is a change of scenery to improve my mindset. To see myself happy for once. And I want to increase that occurrence now that I’ve seen it.

Find a place where the loving people are. Where you are embraced and loved and encouraged. Whether that be new people or the ones back home that come with you on your adventures. You won’t find adventure from the inside of your door. Open that door, and stride through it to chase down the treasures awaiting you at journey’s end.

You may just find yourself.

≈≈Till next time≈≈




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