The Music in Your Genes

People are songs.

In learning a thing or two about genetics during my college years, I’ve begun to love this field. And I could go way deeper into it. This shit is amazing. The complexity of the microscopic pieces of our insides. From subatomic particles, to atoms, to cells, to tissues, to organs, to organ systems, to the entire form of YOU.

With all the stem cell research going on and genetic manipulation to help cure diseases and malfunctions of the body. To heal and explore and discover more about the parts with which we are put together. It’s fascinating! And extremely controversial, as we are now tampering with the very blueprints of life. There remains to be seen if this exploration will unleash some kind of retaliation. Maybe some door will be opened that we cannot close, and we’ll encounter alternate universes and unlock the key to governing our existence and holding power over life and death like some sci-fi movie… who knows?

In my exploration of genetics (which I currently only know far too little about), I was amazed by the beauty of the concept that people are pieced together by musical notes of DNA. Like musical instruments, our chromosomes each have a sound to make in the orchestration of our bodies. They are told when and what to play by tiny conductors called Hox genes. These are tool kit genes that control our gene expression, the patterns by which we come into existence.

“Like a concerto composed of individual notes played by instruments, our bodies are a composition of individual genes turning on and off inside each cell during development”

-Neil, Shumbin, Your Inner Fish

Our cells each have a position to fill in the formation of the masterpiece of our body.They have the ability to develop a single fertilized cell into the artwork of everything that makes you you, today. Processing oxygen and pulsing blood through your body by pumping your heart and processing the images entering your brain and maintaining all your functions to remain alive, just to be here now and read this post.

We are the product of an elaborate equation devised by the Creator of the Universe, whatever that entity may be. Whatever wants us to exist. All the variables are manipulated to calculate the invention of our bodies. We are the product of many pieces working together in intricate ways (which leads me to believe that we exist here by no accident).

There is some force at hand in performing the miracle of our anatomy. The beautiful thing that has the potential to achieve so much greatness. And some of us haven’t discovered the intricacy with which we are made. But you’ll discover the awe-inspiring wonder of your physical being under closer inspection. There is so much structure and detail to us. So much potential.

We are made of music that isn’t put together for no reason. Let your song be heard. If that isn’t too cheesy…

≈≈Till next time≈≈


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