Especially self-worth. Because that is the most important kind. You have to determine why you find value in your own life, and not give anyone else that privilege. Why you’re alive and what you have to contribute and take from the world. What makes you feel beautiful. Make your own choices, and grow as a person in the ways you want to. Don’t do something because you think you’ll increase your worth to someone, because that estimation is one-dimensional and entirely worthless to you as a complete and multifaceted person.

You can’t measure your worth, your value, what makes you important and the reason you’re here – you can’t base this on success and failure. Whether you do well in school or at your job or as a father or a mother or other family member doesn’t make you more valuable of a person. No matter your weight, height, eyesight, running speed – none of these can define your personal greatness. You be as great as you want to be.

Don’t look the way someone else wants you to look or how you think you should look to be accepted. And do things for fun, and not to impress people. What’s the use of a hobby or job or skill that doesn’t ultimately make you happier? Improve your sense of well-being. Putting your valuable time and work into things for any other motive will leave you feeling empty. Work for yourself, no matter where that is.

You are still human, even when unemployed. Even when you’re single. Even when you mess up and fall while you’re learning. You still have the capacity to grow and improve and fix your wrongs. And, in school, grades pretty much only determine how well you’re able to follow directions/do what you’re told. The amount of money in your bank account is just the intersection of your opportunities with your skills with the people you know. Temporary measurements of a person such as these cannot begin to explain their ultimate essence. Don’t worry about it. Let go of your faults and move on.

The workings of the human mind are as difficult to measure as they are to fully understand. You can’t summarize a person, for you can only see one piece of them at a time. It takes years to know everything there is about a person, and they’ll continue to change and develop new aspects even then. People are multifaceted like diamonds, and we only see one side of their beauty at a time.

So work on yourself, be patient with others, and don’t let others tell you how to live.

≈≈Till next time≈≈









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