“Once upon a time at the foot of a great mountain
There was a town where the people known as Happyfolk lived
Their very existence a mystery to the rest of the world
Obscured, as it was, by great clouds
Here they played out their peaceful lives
Innocent of the litany of excessive violence that was growing in the world below
To live in harmony with the spirit of the mountain called Monkey was enough…”

-Gorillaz, “Fire Coming Out of the Monkey’s Head”

(Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, still merging my writing with the rest of my world…)

My long term goal to accomplish with this life is toย seek a harmonious existence, as with the beings in this song, in every way possible. Just to live compatibly with the earth and my thoughts and those around me .Harmony is an elusive thing to find at times. Whether the chaos surrounding you is created by the people in your sphere, or your life situation at the time, or even by internal monsters, it can definitely be a struggle to increase the degree of positivity with which you operate. But the challenges of pushing yourself into this mindset are shadowed by the many benefits. When you enjoy living your life, you can be celebrating your existence amid the darkness.

Optimism is a form of strength. When you have loads of opposition in your way and have to wade through waist-deep water just to reach the far bank and sag down onto the sand at the end of your day, that is the best time to be filled with joy. Joy at the beautiful struggle of your existence. In putting all your force into something. Joy gives you more power and potential. You look at things not how they are, but how they could be much worse, and aren’t. It’s the ability to say, “You know, this sucks, but it could be far worse, and I could handle it even then”. You look at the brightest things in the room, even though there may be very little good to see there.

You learn to love the struggle. First of all, it makes you stronger (obviously)ย and secondly, it’s something to push against. How are you going to ever enjoy the easy parts of your life if you have nothing to compare them to? I loved my summer job where I had to hike long hours and carry heavy backpacks to get out to our sites to work in the sun for hours, squatting down and botanizing plants – because I knew that once I got home, the comforts there would be so much more enjoyable than they were before. When I had left what I loved and went without it for a little, that was when coming home was so much more reviving. I’d think about my cat during the day. A hot (or sometimes quite cool) shower. A kiss from my boyfriend. A cheesy home-cooked meal. The days you sit home and try to get as comfortable as possible are not going to be as pleasant as they are if you didn’t get all sweaty down to the bone going to work the day before. The contrasts of life are what allow us to enjoy it to a whole new degree. You’re going to be more comfortable later the more temporarily uncomfortable you are now.

I worked on a restoration crew once that had the group camping and working full time for a whole month. And while this may seem overwhelming and disagreeable, I came to love it for what it was. Hard work during the day and dirt in my toes and spiders in my sleeping bag at night. No cell service most of the time. Internet access completely out of the question. Cut off from the news and the rest of the world for the most part. Sleeping under the stars some nights and others with some girl’s feet in my back. It was physically very uncomfortable, but the most inwardly comfortable I’d ever been. Having far fewer worries than back at home (having just graduated high school), my main concerns were with packing the right equipment and enough food and water for the day. That month I was living.

I continue in my life to learn the power I feel at being able to overcome obstacles, to come out on the other side victorious, muscles utterly drained. To love the unending struggle we put up to exist. But more than just exist. To thrive and push back against the opposition and might of those who would oppose you. To live relentlessly. Never let anything that pushed you down keep you there. Stand up and walk again. I have almost drowned and was also in an accident. I still get behind the wheel. Drive again. Get back in the water.

Harmony is the current that takes what it thrown into it and makes something beautiful with it. Like a chef doctoring a soup that had been randomly thrown together. I continue to attempt to live this way, to love everything that makes up my existence and cause it to work together. To welcome changes and challenges as they shape who I am and how I perceive my world. A prime strategy of employing harmony in your life is to “Have courage and be kind”, as Cinderella would say. The courage comes in when you need to make yourself push through something, to set yourself into motion with a shove. The kindness smooths the gears of the machine. It’s counterproductive to attempt to get what you want from this life by selfish and callous methods. You’ll meet opposition by people who just basically don’t want to be treated like shit, but Karma and whatever other forces that impact this world will also become obstacles. Live in action. Spread love and receive it back.

I’ve realized throughout the many days I’ve been working on this draft that it’s very difficult to write about or define harmony when you lack it in your own life. I hadn’t seen my unrest manifest until I wasn’t able to find the mindset for this subject when I would return to it. No creative juices flowing and little motivation to complete this task. But I have finally created something here, and I feel better this morning already for doing so. That does happen to be the entire reason for me being here, and may I never lose sight of that. Later


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