Why I Made This 

Hello to whatever I have entered into here.

I created this thing to try out a blog and see how I feel when I start making something out of it. The most likely use will be to talk to myself and record it someplace so the thoughts don’t have to keep a hold onto some crevice in my mind.

I’m not sure how to start, I don’t know much about having a blog or doing the blog thing, and I don’t know much about anything so this is a very humble beginning.

“Blog to feel” came into my mind when I realized that writing is a very beneficial practice for me, mentally. I get out some festering thoughts and have a clearer work-space in my head. I also feel as if I can feel more deeply, when I write.

You see, I did this thing to myself at some point in high school where I decided that in order to cope with the stress all around me, I would just numb myself. Just take the concern out of the things I could not control, and I won’t lose my head (or, in my case, hair). This way of thinking spilled over into every aspect of my life. When you can’t feel much concern for what goes on around you, you cease to live for the most part. Everything becomes gray. When I express myself, I feel again, as if I have to stretch out the muscles in my soul and ‘be’ again. I think this adventure will be rather enjoyable, because it’s something to do and think about, and occupy my wandering mind, yes?

Maybe this will be a learning experience, and maybe it will be a hole in the concrete that I can’t explore into by digging any further.

Either way, I suppose it’s good to dig.

Dig into the dark places of yourself. The undiscovered, under-nurtured you that’s waiting to be discovered. Isn’t the main goal here to discover ourselves? So, I will proceed with even the slightest possibility that embarking on this journey will allow me to do so. To know myself.

I’ve really needed a hobby…


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