Welcome to my little creation.

Here I try to mainly post about my experiences with transitioning to a natural and healthy way of living. I want to start making and using my own natural face products. I will also talk about eating more healthy and starting a workout routine and how my diet and routine affect my energy and attitude.

I want to share this period of personal growth and the challenges I handle along the way for any on a similar road to mine right now, who might find encouragement from my wandering words.


I also want to include interesting science finds in my posts. Biology, botany, nutrition, neuroscience, genetics… And random things every once in a while.

And random things every once in a while.

My Motto Here

Living simply ~ I try not to over-complicate my life with the unnecessary stress that comes with following the rat race. Simplify your life, and you’ll enjoy it a lot more. Just be happy. Just do what you want. Just live through love.

Thinking deeply~ I don’t come across many deep thinkers these days; I hope to increase the amount that I do on this platform so I get a lot better at it. This is my time for self-improvement, and I want to be able to see and share the progress I make.

Hope you enjoy what you find here! ♥

To the words!